Other Applications

Indoor staircases lined with wood

Look like sculpture and artworks that impress with the aesthetic perfection and individuality that solid wood provides. With modern or classical design, always in harmony, connecting the levels of your space giving them ''warmth'', style and finesse. ROUCHOTAS company provides you with a wide variety of wood types and finishes, in order for you to choose the solution that will highlight your space in a functional manner. We have the expertise to express your aesthetics in any space, regardless of the size or the special requirements of the construction!

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Wooden Cladding

The wooden cladding ROUCHOTAS company suggests is distinguished for the wide range of choices. Get inspired by the main wood types we use (Teak, Iroko, Cedar, Mahogany, Oak, etc.), and come to design a product that represents your aesthetics, desired wood quality, finishing, durability and insulation. The result will be ideal for you, but also for your space!

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Wooden Pergolas - Special Constructions

For any use, in any construction, even for the most complex idea, you can trust us and we will create together the solution. No matter how specialized the construction you need, our experienced technical staff will come up with the best suggestion, investing in the right materials. Because creativity and uniqueness in wood construction are boundless choose ROUCHOTAS company to be freely inspired!

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Wooden Fences

For each type of construction and especially for residences, wood fences are the ideal solution, as they define the boundaries of your property, while contributing to the aesthetics and the character of your outdoor space. Select your fence from the wide variety of ROUCHOTAS company, keep indiscreet eyes away and give a hint of your taste, before you even open the door of your house!

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