Solid & Semi Solid Floors

Floor V (solid)

Floor V series are PRE POLISHED OAK SOLID parquet floorings, with a very wide variety in thicknesses, widths and different qualities. Available non-finished and finished in any desired tint and texture. Placed by nailing or gluing..



Floor (solid)

Floor series is the CLASSIC without SCOTIA SOLID parquet flooring, such as the European and American Oak (Rose, White), Iroko, Doussie, Teak Burma, Wenge and other. All, European or of our own production and screening, are available in a wide variety of thicknesses, widths and qualities.
Floor series does not have scotia in any of the sides of the wood and is available non-finished. Our specialized workforce can produce the desired texture and tint during the installation..



Krugers (semisolid)

Semi-solid single-plank oak flooring of exceptional quality in a very great variety in colors, thicknesses and widths. Two layered, Birch plywood base - Oak hardwood. Krugers series can be finished with oil, oil-wax or varnish. Has the special feature that if you do not find the color you desire, we produce it for you!



Bellevue (semisolid)

Semi-solid single-plank oak flooring comprising two layers: Birch plywood base and Oak hardwood. Bellevue series is always in stock offering the most popular shades and dimensions. It is also available non-finished to allow for tailor-made shades.



Manufaktur (semisolid)

Manufaktur collection includes 20 very particular colors and shades with unique features such as irregular scotia, wood plugs, purposeful bad planing, 90 degree herringbone and other effects covering even the most eccentric demands. Manufaktur collection is available in various widths and thicknesses. It is semi-solid, single plank oak flooring comprising two layers: Birch plywood base, Oak hardwood.



Click (semisolid)

Semi-solid single-plank oak flooring, in the most popular shades, in large widths and particularly large average length of wood. "Click system" for quick and easy installation.



Α-Τerra (semisolid)

A collection CREATED by the best contemporary German Architects and Designers. Pre-polished two layered flooring: Birch plywood base, Oak hardwood. It is, treated with special oil-wax, ready for use. This special oil-wax gives the Α-terra greater durability than any other pre-polished flooring and eliminates maintenance. The Α-terra has unique flame retardant properties (thickness 16 mm: D-s1, thickness 21 mm: C-s1).

a terra


Chapel (semisolid)

Chapel by ROUCHOTAS company. Single-plank oak floors of highest quality and aesthetics due to the handmade finishing process with oil-wax. Produced solid, of a total thickness of 20 mm, and semi-solid of 15 mm and 20 mm, with useable thickness in Oak 4 mm and 6 mm respectively. The highly innovative finishing methods make them unique in the world. The Chapel series include cassette and herringbone 45° & 90° (Ηerringbone & Hungarian point).