Corporate Profile

Wooden floors - Deck - Wall cladding - Special home constructions, professional or shipbuilding use: These are the areas where for more than 80 years ROUCHOTAS company's excellent and long-lasting wood quality makes it the most reputable in the market.

The company's expertise is certified by the sophisticated infrastructure, making its vertically integrated production process an exemplary model for the whole of Southeastern Europe. The central production and storage unit has a total area of 27.500m², while 3 subsidiary companies and 2 exhibition spaces cater for our customers needs throughout Greece.

Advanced mechanical equipment, highly specialized workforce and strategic collaborations with the biggest international wood companies allow ROUCHOTAS company to provide complete solutions to even the most specialized applications, from the stage of planning, of wood-cutting and its byproducts, up to their placement and maintenance. Among the basic services the company provides:

Drying wood with the most modern means
Deck preconstruction and other applications
Wood processing in any dimension
Advanced wood construction of all types
Cutting wood from log to any desired dimension
Project Costing
Supply of materials on safe fee (lump sum price)

The company consistently offers comprehensive technical support to professionals and private individuals. Our specialized permanent workforce is next to the customer providing technical assistance and advice regarding the correct use and maintenance of all applications and this enhances the quality and duration of our wood products.

In the wood sector where construction quality and aesthetic results are tantamount, ROUCHOTAS company is a natural choice even for for the specialized application!


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