Common names: AMERICAN CHERRY, Cherry american, black cherry, cabinet cherry, wild cherry.

Botanical classification: Prunus serotina, Fam.: Rosaceae.


Main products: Sawn wood, veneer.

Natural attributes - structure - origins: Moderate weight wood (580 kg/m³), with warm color from bright red to reddish brown. It has a fine, straight grain with narrow brown pith flecks and small gum pockets. It grows in small clusters or as a single tree in broadleaved forests of Canada and the U.S.

Natural durability in time: Moderately durable. The early wood is affected by the common furniture beetle.

Mechanical attributes: Wood with good flexural strength, low modulus of elasticity and average resistance to sudden shock loads.

Density: R (12-15%) = 0,58 gr/cm³


Drying behavior and stability after drying: Dries fairly rapidly, with little degradation if care is taken to avoid moderate shrinkage during seasoning. Medium movement.

Impregnation behavior: The heartwood is moderately resistant to hydrostatic impregnation.

Bending behavior: Very good.

Working properties - tool blunting: Easily treated with hand tools and machines with moderate tool blunting.

Gluing behavior: Very good.

Behavior in the dyeing and finishing: Very good paint and excellent finish.


Furniture and cabinets, tobacco pipes and pipe bowls, blueprints, musical intruments, boat interiors, high class joinery, turnery, woodcarving, panelling.


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