One of the most important reasons for which ROUCHOTAS company has been honored as the leading force in its sector, is the fact that it possesses, the biggest reserve in Greece and one from biggest in all South-Eastern Europe, in Teak wood (Tectona Grantis).

Thanks to the high specialization in marketing and in the qualitative treatment of this wood, ROUCHOTAS company is over the years the exclusive and trustworthy partner for large yards, shipbuilders, deck constructors, but also boat owners internationally.

The Teak is the ideal type of wood, for all kinds of outdoor applications, due to its unique resistance during time and the stresses from adverse weather conditions. Not accidentally it is characterized as the ''King'' among all wood types!

The company's stock in Teak covers a wide range in thicknesses, widths, lengths, grades and styles, making the selection an easy process for each client, as special though its requirements are.

Thanks to the advanced system of multiple quality controls and strict wood selection, made personally by the owners, ROUCHOTAS company is the guarantee of reliability and safety of the final product, even under the most difficult conditions of use.

Not only in Europe, but also worldwide, "ROUCHOTAS" is equal to Teak and incomparable wood quality!



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