White Fir




Common names: Abies alba, silver fir.

Botanical classification: Abies alba.


Main products: Sawn wood, claddings, ceilings.

Natural attributes - structure - origins: Properties and applications are similar to the wood of Cephalonian Abies. Fine-pored, straight grained, non-uniform. Wood quality is enhanced by reducing the width of the annual rings. The white fir grows in cenral Europe and the northern border of Greece.

Natural durability in time: Non-durable to perishable.

Density: R (0%) = 0,41 gr/cm³ R (12-15%) = 0,44 gr/cm³

Crimping: Radial= 3.8, Tangential +7,6

Modulus of elasticity: 98.000 kp/cm²

Breaking measure:  676 kp/cm²


Drying behavior and stability after drying: Easy and quick drying 60 / 70-75 / 85. Average mobility, fairly stable wood.

Impregnation behavior: The sapwood is permeable, while the heartwood moderately resistant.

Bending behavior: Low degree of curvature. The wood can be easily split.

Working properties - tool blunting: Good treatment, low tool-blunting.

Νailing and screwing: Easy nailing and screwing, but attention is required to the edges of the sawn wood.

Gluing behavior: Good.

Behavior in the dyeing and finishing: Good paint, good finish.


Like the Cephalonian Abies: indoor home building and joinery, interior furniture, based panels etc.


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